Buffalo Max

Buffalo Max

Model: BUFMAX225G24K


(24K, 30K)

Need ruggedness on the job? Our gooseneck trailer gets the job done right. For those tough working conditions, we’ve designed a trailer that’s made for playing rough! Our Buffalo Series (24K, 30K) gooseneck trailer is sure to be your ally for years to come.

Our versatile Buffalo Max trailer

Choose between two available double-wheel (tandem) axle options:
2 x 12,000 lb. on 235-80R16 14-ply, 110 PSI steel-belted tires
2 x 15,000 lb. on 215-75R17.5 16-ply, 125 PSI
Gross vehicle weight rating of 30,000 lb. for the two available axle options.

The manufacturing flexibility of our flatbed trailers

Equipped with a 5-foot rear dovetail, our Buffalo Max flatbed is available in multiple floor lengths (20, 22, 25, 27, or 30 feet), to meet your specific needs. Contact your retailer for a custom-designed flatbed length.

Bolt-deck: an ergonomic option for your trailer

Available soon on the Buffalo Max flatbed! Bolt deck easily added even after the purchase of your trailer. Ultra-resistant and durable floor built of hemlock wood. The 6 ft. by 8 ft. dimensions of the bolt-deck will help you maximize your load.

Standard electric brakes, for a safe trailer

Electric brakes come standard on the Buffalo Max (24K, 30K) flatbed trailer. Rest assured of a safe ride on your daily commute to work!

Optional electrohydraulic brakes for your flatbed

Opt for electrohydraulic brakes with reliable 1,000 PSI actuator. Superbly‑designed to meet high quality standards. Brake safely in the most difficult of conditions.

3-inch Dexter suspension

Our Buffalo Max (24K, 30K) flatbed is available standard with 3-inch Dexter suspension and slipper springs. It’s available with 38-inch (less than one metre) or 48-inch (more than one metre) axle spacing for reduced weight.

Rugged flatbed frame

Our very rugged frame, built with a regular 12-inch (19 lb./foot) H-beam and 37-inch ground clearance will give you the ability to transport more, while offering the stability you want from a Buffalo Max (24K, 30K) gooseneck trailer.

Monoblock gooseneck for greater load capacity

With its light, tough monoblock gooseneck, the Buffalo Max flatbed easily hauls everything, providing a higher load capacity of 10,000 to 28,000 lb.

Quick access to flatbed

No more back pain with the 40-inch flip-over ramp, equipped with the Easy Lift system, available standard on the Buffalo Max flatbed. It’s the most balanced model on the market, lightweight and solid.

Low-floor trailer

This trailer is a sound investment with the floor’s 37 inches of ground clearance. It makes for easier loading, and you’ll have greater stability on the road.


The Buffalo Max (24K, 30K), the toughest of the affordable monoblock gooseneck trailers ever seen on the road.

Round 3 15/16‑in tube front coupler with 2‑inch hitch ball (GVWR 30,000 lb.)

Round 3 15/16-in tube front coupler with fifth wheel hitch (GVWR 30,000 lb.)

Easier loading: standard winch plate

Work safely: led floor lighting

Easy access: foldable side step

Free up the toolbox: chain rack and tensioner pulley

Remain visible: led lights

D-rings every 5 feet

Standard galvanized steel toolbox and latch with key

Gas cylinder strut to keep the toolbox lid propped open

Easy lift ramp is secure and rapid to lock

Additional storage: 30″ x 14″ x 16″ norcan underframe toolbox available

Standard spare wheel rack

No more tiring yourself out turning cranks: hydraulic jack available

Unmatched towing experience:
Shocker hitch air ride gooseneck coupler

For new trucks with 3″ hitch balls: gen-y hitch gooseneck coupler

Buffalo Max trailer
(24k, 30k)


Buffalo Max SERIES (24K, 30K)

 ModelUsable widhtUsable lengthAxlesTiresLoad capacityTechnical sheet
BUFMAX205G24KD102"20' Deck + 5' Drop2 x 12 000 lb22 188 lb
BUFMAX225G24KD102"22' Deck + 5' Drop2 x 12 000 lb21 563 lb
BUFMAX255G24KD102"25' Deck + 5' Drop2 x 12 000 lb20 625 lb
BUFMAX275G24KD102"27' Deck + 5' Drop2 x 12 000 lb20 000 lb
BUFMAX305G24KD102"30' Deck + 5' Drop2 x 12 000 lb19 063 lb
BUFMAX205G30KD102"20' Deck + 5' Drop2 x 15 000 lb29 688 lb
BUFMAX225G30KD102"22' Deck + 5' Drop2 x 15 000 lb29 063 lb
BUFMAX255G30KD102"25' Deck + 5' Drop2 x 15 000 lb28 125 lb
BUFMAX275G30KD102"27' Deck + 5' Drop2 x 15 000 lb27 500 lb
BUFMAX305G30KD102"30' Deck + 5' Drop2 x 15 000 lb26 563 lb

Ready to take on those tough jobs? Discover the Buffalo Trailer at your nearest retailer.