Rhinos Premium

Rhinos Premium

Model : Rhinos Premium


The Rhinos Premium (24k, 30k) flatbed trailer: the ultimate, no matter the job

We’ve designed a flatbed trailer that is second to none. It’s equipped with all of our best available features. It’s the trailer for the hard-core, for those who are eager to take on the big jobs , but who value agility and manoeuvrability on the road. The Rhino premium trailer simply dominates the market!

HDSS Dexter suspension: Agile, even when loaded

Our Rhinos Premium flatbed trailer goes the distance even with a full load, thanks to the high‑performance HDSS Dexter Hutch‑style standard suspension, with 49‑inch axle spacing. Easy adjustment and alignment with its trailing arm.

2 load capacities.

Two different 2‑axle models, for a load capacity suited to your needs
2 x 12,000 lb. On 235-80r16 14‑ply, 110 psi steel‑belted tires
2 x 15,000 lb. On 215-75r17.5 16‑ply, 125 psi steel‑belted tires

Quick access toolbox

A spacious toolbox installed on the Rhinos Premium (24K, 30K) flatbed trailer’s towbar helps you store many tools, chains, and tie‑downs within easy reach. And it comes standard.

The floor length you want

The Rhinos Premium flatbed has a load capacity perfectly suited to your needs. The hemlock floor is available in six usable load lengths: 20, 22, 25, 27, 30, or 35 feet.

Easy to load, with standard flip-over ramps

The RhinosPremium (24K, 30K) flatbed trailer is designed to make your work easier, with its 5‑foot rear dovetail and flip‑over ramp, and its no‑effort (Easy Lift) lift system. Because you shouldn’t wear yourself out when you’re loading after a hard day’s work!

A unique cambered frame

We took inspiration from tractor‑trailer design to create Cambered Frame Tech, a cambered frame that, combined with the low‑profile (36‑inch) floor, provides better loading and more stiffness on the road.


The Rhinos Premium (24K, 30K) flatbed trailer is simply unbeatable.

Be visible at all times:
led lights

3 in. Lunette eye ring

optional 5/8 in. detachable tie-down ring

Low (36-inch) profile

Standard winch track

Quick access with foldable side step

Standard 12,000 lb crank jack


RhinoS Premium (24K, 30K)

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