Sekoia Trailer

Sekoia Trailer

Ease of Loading. Stability.


Need a partner to transport your equipment? This is our new flatbed trailer. For those times when you need to haul the lawn tractor to your customers, or take your ATV up to the cottage, the Sekoia flatbed trailer is your ideal companion on the road.

Loading stability

The Sekoia trailer (7K, 10K) features a stabilizer leg to anchor it properly, improving stability and safety when loading.

Ease of loading

Our C4 and C5 models also include a high-capacity (split gate) ramp at the back.

Two models. One level of quality

Our Sekoia trailers are available in two categories of maximum load: 7,000 lbs (C4) and 10,000 lbs (C5). For a higher load capacity and better axles, choose the C5.


The Sekoia trailer (7K, 10K) has an unparalleled width of 82 inches, and comes in a wide range of lengths, from 12 to 18 feet. Low to the ground, light, tough, and compact, it offers high load capacity and multiple options for customization. It’s the SUV of trailers, practical and made-to-measure for everyone.

Load stability: tie-down hooks

Easy loading: 48″-high rear split gate ramp

Tough: hemlock floor

Durable: galvanized axles


storage compartment (OPTIONAL)



  ModelUsable widthUsable lengthLoad capacityTechnical sheet
SEKC4-82144G, 7K82 in144 in6 160 lbPDF
SEKC4-82168G, 7K82 in168 in5 830 lbPDF
SEKC4-82192G, 7K82 in92 in5 610 lbPDF
SEKC4-82216G, 7K82 in216 in5 390 lbPDF
SEKC5-82144G, 10K82 in144 in9 240 lbPDF
SEKC5-82168G, 10K82 in168 in8 910 lbPDF
SEKC5-82192G, 10K82 in192 in8 690 lbPDF
SEKC5-82216G, 10K82 in216 in8 470 lbPDF
SEKC5-82240G, 10K82 in240 in8 250 lbPDF

Ready to go on your next adventure in the woods, or up to the fishing camp? Visit your retailer to learn about the Sekoia (7K, 10K) trailer.