Hot dip galvanization: the facts

The hot dip galvanization of steel parts involves immersing them in molten zinc under controlled conditions. During the soak, a metallic bond is created between the zinc and steel that provides excellent protection from corrosion.

Why is the galvanized coating on my trailer rough and mat?

Since your trailer’s parts have been immersed in molten zinc, it’s difficult to obtain a uniform coating, especially when the part is asymmetrical or of a complex shape. The roughness on certain parts of the trailer’s structure is due to an uneven accumulation of zinc.

As for the mat appearance of your hot dipped galvanized trailer, this is due to the passivation cycle of zinc which takes about 18 months. It can also be due to the fact that some types of steel have a more mat finish than others. Rest assured that this change of color in no way affects the anticorrosive properties of the finish.

If your new galvanized steel trailer develops yellowish stains, this is a sign the cycle of passivation has begun. The stains will disappear after a short time.

How long will a hot dipped galvanized steel trailer last?

The useful life of your hot dipped galvanized steel trailer will depend on the thickness of the protective coating, which in turn depends on the type of steel used to manufacture your trailer. N&N trailers usually have a galvanized coating of 70 microns.

Other factors like exposure to humidity and to contaminants on the road or in polluted air will determine how long your hot dipped galvanized steel trailer will last.

Good maintenance is important is ensuring your galvanized trailer retains its anticorrosive properties.

Damage to paint
versus galvanized metal

The illustration shows what happens when the zinc coating is damaged versus a standard coat of paint.

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