Learn about our new trailers: Rhinos, Lowland, and Sekoia!

Learn about our new trailers: Rhinos, Lowland, and Sekoia!

At N&N, we like to excel, offering you trailers that really meet your needs over the long term. That’s why we’re constantly innovating to improve our products.

Last year, we launched the Buffalo, the gooseneck trailer designed for hard work! This trailer gets your heavy equipment from one job site to another without a stumble! Solid, powerful, durable.

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Today we’re proud to introduce you to our three new trailers.

The Rhinos: Transport everything you need to the job site

Power and space define the Rhinos. Easy and safe loading to transport all your gear and heavy equipment from one site to another. Rugged, made-to-measure, spacious.

Discover the Rhinos Trailer

The Lowland: For more efficiency on the job site

Quick and efficient loading defines the Lowland. Rampless loading makes loading small excavation machinery easy, so you can get on the road to new jobs, quickly. Lowland: Practical, durable, tough.

Discover the Lowland Trailer

The Sekoia: For transporting your equipment when you go play in the woods

The words “light” and “compact” describe the Lowland trailer. With low ground clearance, it makes loading your ATV or other small vehicle easy and provides enough space to take everything you need with you, for recreation or small excavation jobs. Sekoia: Tough, multi-purpose, and spacious.

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