Shield Trailer

Need versatility on the job site?
This is the Shield trailer, a partner that adapts to suit your every need.

For those times when you need to transport all kinds of machinery, we’ve got a trailer designed to live up to your ambitions. This is the Shield, our new high load capacity trailer, perfect for contractors. It’s ideal for transporting a wide range of heavy machinery, and you don’t have to worry about overloading. Versatile, rugged, and durable, this trailer will be your most reliable partner on the road.


With its superior-quality construction and unbeatable ruggedness, the Shield trailer has a load capacity of up to 6 tonnes. Perfect for transporting machinery, power shovels, and excavation equipment, it’s the ideal helping hand for all your big projects.

Shield: versatile, rugged, durable.

For easy loading
4-inch galvanized drop axles.

The low-profile Shield is built with 4-inch drop axles and a deck that sits only 23 inches off the ground, making the trailer easy to use. Additionally, the trailer’s substantial width is designed to accommodate all equipment weighing 6 tonnes or less.

A rugged frame

The Shield trailer is built with an H-beam frame, a component much stiffer than the usual C-channel frame. This ensures durability and endurance when carrying the heaviest loads.

The Shield trailer,
a trailer with outstanding features.

3-foot beavertail drop flip over ramp with Easy Lift System

82 inches wide, suited to all types of machinery

8 tie-down hooks to secure the load

A drop that suits your needs

4-inch drop axles for easy loading

More storage space, with the large toolbox in front

21,000 lb Demco EZ-latch coupler

Increased load capacity, up to 6 tonnes

2-foot steel HD loading ramp

23-inch deck height, for easy loading

Superior-quality, 8-inch H-beam frame.

The Shield, your best friend on the road

The Shield
in all it’s glory!

Shield Series specifications

 ModelUsable widthUsable lengthLoading capacityTechnical data sheet
SHIELD20G, 15K82 inches240 inches11,475 lbPDF
SHIELD20G, 16K82 inches240 inches12,850 lbPDF
SHIELD20G, 20K82 inches240 inches17,245 lbPDF
SHIELD22G, 16K82 inches264 inches12,375 lbPDF
SHIELD22G, 20K82 inches264 inches16,775 lbPDF
SHIELD22G, 21K82 inches264 inches17,375 lbPDF
SHIELD24G, 20K82 inches288 inches16,300 lbPDF
SHIELD24G, 21K82 inches288 inches17,405 lbPDF

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