Rhinos Trailer

Need power and space on the job site?
This is the Rhinos trailer, built to meet your needs.

For those times when you need to haul large quantities of gear or heavy machinery, this is your industrial-capacity, industrial-quality trailer. Tough, perfectly customized to your needs, the Rhinos trailer hitches to your towbar, and frees up all the space in your truck box.

New! Always the best.

This trailer will never cease to amaze you with the improvements made to it. Not least of which: a huge storage box that looks as good as it is functional and solid.

The Rhinos trailer: tough, made-to-measure, and spacious.

Storage space on the towbar.
Enormous storage box.

The Rhinos meets your storage needs! It comes standard with a huge storage box on the towbar. Easy-to-access and tough, you’ll be able to store many tools, chains, and tie-downs in the box.


The Rhinos trailer hitches to your vehicle’s standard (ring) coupler, so you don’t need to invest additional money in an additional coupler.

The Rhinos trailer,
a trailer with outstanding features.

12k zinc drop-leg jack

Load stability:
hitching rails

LED lights


Durable in winter:
Artic Flex wiring

Three models.
One level of quality.

Rhinos series specifications

  ModelUsable widthUsable lengthLoad capacityTechnical sheet
RHI185G, 14K
not available
97 ½ in216 in10 780 lbPDF
RHI205G, 14K
not available
97 ½ in240 in10 450 lbPDF
RHI205G, 20K97 ½ in300 in17 188 lbPDF
RHI225G, 20K97 ½ in331 ½ in16 563 lbPDF
RHI255G, 20K97 ½ in367 ½ in15 625 lbPDF
RHI275G, 20K97 ½ in391 ½ in15 000 lbPDF
RHI305G, 20K97 ½ in427 ½ in-PDF
RHI355G, 20K97 ½ in487 ½ in-PDF
RHI205G, 24K97 ½ in307 ½ in22 188 lbPDF
RHI225G, 24K97 ½ in331 ½ in21 563 lbPDF
RHI255G, 24K97 ½ in367 ½ in20 625 lbPDF
RHI275G, 24K97 ½ in391 ½ in20 000 lbPDF
RHI305G, 24K97 ½ in427 ½ in-PDF
RHI355G, 24K97 ½ in487 ½ in-PDF
RHI205G, 30K97 ½ in307 ½ in29 688 lbPDF
RHI225G, 30K97 ½ in331 ½ in29 063 lbPDF
RHI255G, 30K97 ½ in367 ½ in28 125 lbPDF
RHI275G, 30K97 ½ in391 ½ in27 500 lbPDF
RHI305G, 30K97 ½ in427 ½ in-PDF
RHI355G, 30K97 ½ in487 ½ in-PDF

Ready to be a leader in heavy-duty hauling?
Visit your retailer to learn about the Rhinos trailer.