Lowland Trailer

Need efficiency on the job site?
The Lowland trailer allows rampless loading.

For those times when it’s important to stay close to the ground. Those times when you need to load equipment quickly and head off to new horizons. With its very low loading angle, and a hydraulic system at the front, the Lowland trailer is the perfect partner for transporting small excavation equipment.

New! Improved design, consistent performance.

The new look of our Lowland equipment transport trailer, with blockier fenders. Completely redesigned, it still offers you all the performance you value..

The Lowland: Practical, durable, tough.

4-Inch galvanized drop axles.
Easy to load.

The low-profile Lowland trailer comes standard with 4-inch drop axles, making it easier to load small construction machinery. Because it has no ramp, it’s easier to use in confined spaces.

Load distribution.
Still just as powerful.

The weight of the Lowland trailer’s load is distributed over the frame and the cylinder rather than just the axle, minimizing the possibility of an axle break during loading. It comes with a rugged winch mounting plate (winch not included) so equipment can be towed onto the trailer.

The Lowland trailer,
A trailer with outstanding features.

Nimble on the road:
slide-rail suspension

Artic Flex and Voltflex wiring

Load stability:
D-rings and hitching rail


12k zinc drop-leg jack

solid wood hemlock floor

Lowland series specifications

  ModelUsable widthUsable lengthLoad capacityTechnical sheet
LOW18G, 10K80 in218 in7 040 lbPDF
LOW20G, 10K80 in242 in6 765 lbPDF
LOW18G, 14K80 in218 in11 660 lbPDF
LOW20G, 14K80 in242 in11 410 lbPDF

Ready to roll on to your next job site?
Visit your retailer to learn about the Lowland trailer.