Rhinos Trailer

Rhinos Trailer

Tough. Made-to-measure. Spacious.

The Rhinos trailer (20K, 24K, 30K)

Need power and space on the job site? This is the Rhinos trailer, built to meet your needs. For those times when you need to haul large quantities of gear or heavy machinery, this is your industrial-capacity, industrial-quality trailer. Tough, perfectly customized to your needs, the Rhinos trailer (20K, 24K, 30K) hitches to your towbar, and frees up all the space in your truck box.

Storage space on the towbar. 

The Rhinos (20K, 24K, 30K) meets your storage needs! It comes standard with a huge storage box on the towbar. Easy-to-access and tough, you’ll be able to store many tools, chains, and tie-downs in the box.


Equipped with a 5-foot rear unloader, our Rhinos trailer is offered in various floor lengths to meet your specific needs (20, 22, 25, 27 or 30 feet). Contact your retailer for a made-to-measure floor length.


Choose from various axle options: 2 x 10,000 lbs single or tandem, 2 x 12,000 lbs tandem or 2 x 15,000 lbs tandem.

Two brake options

Our Rhinos trailer is equipped with standard electric brakes or optional electrohydraulic brakes with a reliable 1,000 psi actuator.


Choose from two different frame types for your Rhinos trailer: standard height or low-pro piece frame.

Easy to use

Say goodbye to backaches with the Easy Lift System ramp, standard on the Rhinos trailer. This light and exceptionally sturdy ramp is the most balanced model on the market.

Different suspension options

Our Rhinos trailers are offered in two different suspension options to meet the diverse needs of our clients. The standard Dexter 3-inch slider suspension has 38-inch axle spacing (less than 1 metre), or 48 inches for a more lightweight option.
We also offer the optional HDSS Dexter hutch suspension with 49-inch axle spacing. Its trailing arm makes this suspension adjustable and adds a great deal of stability on the road.

Timeless design

The N&N Trailers Rhinos trailer sets itself apart from its competitors. Its design, robust galvanized steel structure and hemlock floor give it a tough look that stands the test of time. The Rhinos trailer also features an ergonomic design, with its single-piece front end built on the mortise and tenon technique.

N&N features

The Rhinos trailer (20K, 24K, 30K), a trailer with outstanding features. Three models (20K, 24K, 30K), one level of quality.

Tough: 12k zinc drop-leg jack

Load stability: hitching rails

Visibility: LED lights

Durable in winter: Artic Flex wiring


RHINO SERIES (20K, 24K, 30K)

  ModelUsable widthUsable lengthLoad capacityTechnical sheet
RHI185G, 14K
not available
97 ½ in216 in10 780 lbPDF
RHI205G, 14K
not available
97 ½ in240 in10 450 lbPDF
RHI205G, 20K97 ½ in300 in17 188 lbPDF
RHI225G, 20K97 ½ in331 ½ in16 563 lbPDF
RHI255G, 20K97 ½ in331 ½ in15 625 lbPDF
RHI275G, 20K97 ½ in391 ½ in15 000 lbPDF
RHI305G, 20K97 ½ in427 ½ in-PDF
RHI355G, 20K97 ½ in487 ½ in-PDF
RHI205G, 24K97 ½ in307 ½ in22 188 lbPDF
RHI225G, 24K97 ½ in331 ½ in21 563 lbPDF
RHI255G, 24K97 ½ in367 ½ in20 625 lbPDF
RHI275G, 24K97 ½ in391 ½ in20 000 lbPDF
RHI305G, 24K97 ½ in427 ½ in-PDF
RHI355G, 24K97 ½ in487 ½ in-PDF
RHI205G, 30K97 ½ in307 ½ in29 688 lbPDF
RHI225G, 30K97 ½ in331 ½ in29 063 lbPDF
RHI255G, 30K97 ½ in367 ½ in28 125 lbPDF
RHI275G, 30K97 ½ in391 ½ in27 500 lbPDF
RHI305G, 30K97 ½ in427 ½ in-PDF
RHI355G, 30K97 ½ in487 ½ in-PDF

Ready to be a leader in heavy-duty hauling? Visit your retailer to learn about the Rhinos trailer (20K, 24K, 30K).