Buffalo Trailer

Need ruggedness on your job site?
Introducing our new gooseneck trailer.

For those tough working conditions, we’ve designed a trailer that’s made for playing rough! Introducing the Buffalo series, our brand new gooseneck trailer. This strong, sturdy and powerful trailer will be your trusted ally for years to come.

New! Monoblock gooseneck.

Thanks to its new light and sturdy monoblock neck, the Buffalo trailer is easy to pull while offering 10,000 to 28,000 lb of superior loading capacity.

The Buffalo trailer: solid, powerful and durable.

trailer ramp easy lift system / rampe pour remorque easy lift system

3 Times lighter,
as strong as ever.

You asked for it, we listened! Say goodbye to backaches with the ramp with the best balance on the market. This feature, standard on the Buffalo trailer, is 3 times lighter than that of the previous model and just as robust.

Trailer floor lower
by 4 inches

With its durable solid hemlock floor built into its structure (H-BEAM), the LOW PRO Buffalo trailer offers 4 extra inches of vertical loading space (optional). You’ll go almost anywhere!

The Buffalo Trailer,
a one-of-a-kind trailer.

Easy access:
foldable side step

Easier loading:
standard winch plate

Free up the toolbox:
chain rack and tensioner pulley

Remain visible:
LED lights

Standard galvanized steel toolbox and latch with key

Gas cylinder strut to keep the toolbox lid propped open

D-rings every 5 feet

Easy Lift ramp is secure and rapid to lock

Work safely:
LED floor lighting

Standard spare wheel rack

Haul heavy loads:
optional Hutch suspension add-on

No more tiring yourself out turning cranks:
hydraulic jack available

Additional storage:
30″ x 14″ x 16″ Norcan underframe toolbox available

Unmatched towing experience:
Shocker Hitch Air Ride gooseneck coupler

For new trucks with 3″ hitch balls:
Gen-Y Hitch gooseneck coupler

Hydraulic ramp option.
Unfold your ramp effortlessly.

With the hydraulic ramp, you can open and close your Buffalo trailer ramp with the press of a button. A toolbox with hydraulic unit and battery charger are located under the ramp to free up space and maintain easy access.

Two models.
One unparalleled

Our Buffalo trailers are equipped with solid and durable hemlock wood floors. Get the standard model or the LOW PRO with its built-in floor and 4 additional inches of vertical loading space.

Buffalo series specifications

 ModelUsable widthUsable lengthLoading capacityTechnical data sheet
DOG-205, 20K97 ½ inches307 ½ inches17,188 lbPDF
DOG-225, 20K97 ½ inches331 ½ inches16,563 lbPDF
DOG-255, 20K97 ½ inches367 ½ inches15,625 lbPDF
DOG-275, 20K97 ½ inches391 ½ inches15,000 lbPDF
DOG-205, 24K97 ½ inches307 ½ inches22,188 lbPDF
DOG-225, 24K97 ½ inches331 ½ inches21,563 lbPDF
DOG-255, 24K97 ½ inches367 ½ inches20,625 lbPDF
DOG-275, 24K97 ½ inches391 ½ inches20,000 lbPDF
DOG-305, 24K97 ½ inches427 ½ inches19,063 lbPDF
DOG-205, 30K97 ½ inches307 ½ inches29,688 lbPDF
DOG-225, 30K97 ½ inches331 ½ inches29,063 lbPDF
DOG-255, 30K97 ½ inches367 ½ inches28,125 lbPDF
DOG-275, 30K97 ½ inches391 ½ inches27,500 lbPDF
DOG-305, 30K97 ½ inches427 ½ inches26,563 lbPDF
DOG-325, 30K97 ½ inches451 ½ inches25,938 lbPDF
DOG-355, 30K97 ½ inches487 ½ inches25,000 lbPDF

Ready to take on those tough jobs?
Discover the Buffalo Trailer at your nearest retailer.