Landscaper Series

tough | safe | spacious

MODEL: IL82192G10K

Landscaper Series Trailers for transporting equipment.
The trailer that can take it.

High loading

The smallest Landscaper model is 14 feet long with three options available for the sides: frame only, tubes or mesh. Several D-rings come standard so you can safely secure your cargo.


Built with 5-inch rather than the more usual 4-inch C channels, the Landscaper is by far a more durable trailer. And the floor is supported by a greater number of crossrails (every 16 inches instead of every 24 inches), which strengthens the galvanized trailer overall.

quality ramps

Split gate mesh ramps are put together using 3-inch tubes, which make them the toughest available on the market.


All Landscaper Series galvanized trailers are equipped with stabilizer legs to ensure safe loading and unloading, and to minimize stress on the towing vehicle.

N&N Features

Landscaper Series equipment transport galvanized trailers are by far the toughest in their class. With their numerous superbly designed standard and optional features, they can haul the heavy equipment that’s required by landscapers, among others.

Tie-down hooks

Solid wood

pied stabilisateur remorque trailer

Stabilizer legs


Slide-rail suspension

Galvanized axles

Arctic Flex and Voltflex wiring

Adjustable Coupler


 ModelUsable widthUsable lengthLoad capacityRamp capacityTechnical sheet
ILT-72x144, 7K72 inches144 inches6,380 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-72x168, 7K72 inches168 inches6,050 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-72x192, 7K72 inches192 inches5,830 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-72x216, 7K72 inches216 inches5,610 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-72x240, 7K72 inches240 inches5,390 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-82x144, 7K82 inches144 inches6,160 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-82x168, 7K82 inches168 inches5,830 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-82x192, 7K82 inches192 inches5,610 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-82x216, 7K82 inches216 inches5,390 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-82x240, 7K82 inches240 inches5,170 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-72x144, 10K72 inches144 inches9,460 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-72x168, 10K72 inches168 inches9,130 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-72x192, 10K72 inches192 inches8,910 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-72x216, 10K72 inches216 inches8,690 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-72x240, 10K72 inches240 inches8,470 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-82x144, 10K82 inches144 inches9,420 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-82x168, 10K82 inches168 inches8,910 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-82x192, 10K82 inches192 inches8,690 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-82x216, 10K82 inches216 inches8,470 lb4,500 lbPDF
ILT-82x240, 10K80 inches240 inches8,250 lb4,500 lbPDF

If you need a high-capacity trailer that’s both tough and durable,
the Landscaper Series is for you.