Manufacturer of
durable and versatile trailers

Since 1996, N&N has been designing and manufacturing the most durable trailers available on the market today. We listen to our customers and know their specific needs.

That’s how we can create distinctive trailers that satisfy the requirements of all our buyers, whether it’s for business or pleasure.

Trailers that stand out

Renowned for their superior quality, our trailers are carefully designed, and built using the best materials available, whether they’re destined for work or leisure activities. Our tough-as-nails trailers are the obvious choice!

Types of
N&N trailers

Thanks to its wide range of products, N&N has the type of trailer that can meet almost any need, at a price that translates into best value for your money.

Galvanized steel trailers
for greater durability

Our trailers are built with hot dipped galvanized steel to increase their resilience and durability. The galvanization process protects steel components from rust more effectively than paint.

The N&N

N&N trailers are designed using superior quality materials and are made to last. Tough and resilient, they’ll meet your needs for many years of faithful service. All our trailers come with a one-year limited warranty. If ever you experience a problem, we won’t let you down.

A wide network
of retailers

Located in Drummondville, Quebec, our factory offers trailers for industrial, home and recreational use all over Canada and the United States thanks to a wide network of affiliated retailers.